Dragon Flyer is a weapon in Mega Man 11 that you get from Dragon Man.

Dragon Flyer shoots a dragon straightfoward. It's very weak, and a surprising amount of enemies are immune to it.

However, the Dragon Flyer has its upsides. It can pull handlebars, which can reveal secret things. It also does something to shields. It dosen't pierce them, like Yamato Spear and Laser Trident. Instead, the Dragon Flyer latches onto the shield for a few seconds, then BREAKS the shield, making enemies like Returning Sniper Joe 02 and Shield Attacker 8X defenseless, and you can attack them with other weapons in any way.

It takes away 1 unit of health each time you use it.

Seed Man and Super Snake are weak to this weapon, and can destroy the cactuses that appear during the fight with Seed Man.

However, Dragon Man, Portal Man, Heart Man, Ire, Fice, Shooter-119 and Wily Machine 11 Form 1 are immune to this weapon.