Don't even get me started. The worst Mega Man weapon EVER.

Leaf Shield not in action because it sucks

About Leaf Shield: Edit

Leaf Shield is a weapon you get from Wood Man from Mega Man 2.

Let's face it: All Mega Man shield weapons are useless. (Except Water Shield) But the worst of the worst had to be Leaf Shield. At least with other shield weapons, you could move while it was up. But with Leaf Shield, those leaves really want to fall off that tree! The Leaf Shield automatically fires when you step an inch. Yeah, when it fires it can damage enemies, but then why is it a shield weapon? This useless piece of crap can't protect you against anything.

It's not just Mega Man that has bad shield weapons. In Mario Kart DS, the Bananas were really bad at defense. (Although I only had that problem with Mario Kart DS)

Leaf Shield and Mega Man 2 Bosses Edit

All bosses are immune to it except Air Man. The Leaf Shield can't even break through his tornadoes. Sure, it can defeat him in 2 hits, but you have to position yourself just right in order to hit him with it.

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