Mega Man: Edit

Cut Man - Rolling Cutter (Weakness: Super Arm) (Let's see how do you against KUNG-FU CUT MAN!)

Guts Man - Super Arm (Weakness: Hyper Bomb)

Ice Man - Ice Slasher (Weakness: Thunder Beam)

Bomb Man - Hyper Bomb (Weakness: Fire Storm)

Fire Man - Fire Storm (Weakness: Ice Slasher)

Elec Man - Thunder Beam (Weakness: Rolling Cutter)

Mega Man 2: Edit

Crash Man - Crash Bomber (Weakness: Air Shooter)

Flash Man - Time Stopper (Weakness: Crash Bomber)

Quick Man - Quick Boomerang (Weakness: Time Stopper)

Metal Man - Metal Blade (Weakness: Quick Boomerang)

Bubble Man - Bubble Lead (Weakness: Metal Blade)

Heat Man - Atomic Fire (Weakness: Bubble Lead)

Wood Man - Leaf Shield (Weakness: Atomic Fire)

Air Man - Air Shooter (Weakness: Leaf Shield

Mega Man 3: Edit

Magnet Man - Magnet Missile (Weakness: Spark Shock)

Hard Man - Hard Knuckle (Weakness: Magnet Missile)

Top Man - Top Spin (Weakness: Hard Knuckle)

Shadow Man - Shadow Blade (Weakness: Top Spin)

Spark Man - Spark Shock (Weakness: Shadow Blade)

Snake Man - Search Snake (Weakness: Needle Cannon)

Gemini Man - Gemini Laser (Weakness: Search Snake)

Needle Man - Needle Cannon (Weakness: Gemini Laser)

Mega Man 4: Edit

Toad Man - Rain Flush (Weakness: Drill Bomb)

Bright Man - Flash Stopper (Weakness: Rain Flush)

Pharaoh Man - Pharaoh Shot (Weakness: Flash Stopper)

Ring Man - Ring Boomerang (Weakness: Pharaoh Shot)

Dust Man - Dust Crusher (Weakness: Ring Boomerang)

Skull Man - Skull Barrier (Weakness: Dust Crusher)

Dive Man - Dive Missile (Weakness: Skull Barrier)

Drill Man - Drill Bomb (Weakness: Dive Missile)

Mega Man 5: Edit

Stone Man - Power Stone (Weakness: Napalm Bomb)

Charge Man - Charge Kick (Weakness: Power Stone)

Wave Man - Water Wave (Weakness: Charge Kick)

Star Man - Star Crash (Weakness: Water Wave)

Gravity Man - Gravity Hold (Weakness: Star Crash)

Gyro Man - Gyro Attack (Weakness: Gravity Hold)

Crystal Man - Crystal Eye (Weakness: Gyro Attack)

Napalm Man - Napalm Bomb (Weakness: Crystal Eye) (Mega Man 5 was never released in Vietnam because of Napalm Man)

Mega Man 6: Edit

Knight Man - Knight Crusher (Weakness: Yamato Spear)

Centaur Man - Centaur Flash (Weakness: Knight Crusher)

Wind Man - Wind Storm (Weakness: Centaur Flash)

Flame Man - Flame Blast (Weakness: Wind Storm)

Blizzard Man - Blizzard Attack (Weakness: Flame Blast)

Plant Man - Plant Barrier (Weakness: Blizzard Attack)

Tomahawk Man - Silver Tomahawk (Weakness: Plant Barrier)

Yamato Man - Yamato Spear (Weakness: Silver Tomahawk

Mega Man 7: Edit

Freeze Man - Freeze Cracker (Weakness: Junk Shield)

Junk Man - Junk Shield (Weakness: Thunder Bolt)

Burst Man - Danger Wrap (Weakness: Scorch Wheel)

Cloud Man - Thunder Bolt (Weakness: Danger Wrap)

Spring Man - Wild Coil (Weakness: Slash Claw) (You think an evil GENIUS would've made a room full of instant DEATH spikes WAYYYYY before he made a SPRING Man!)

Slash Man - Slash Claw (Weakness: Freeze Cracker)

Shade Man - Noise Crush (Weakness: Wild Coil)

Turbo Man - Scorch Wheel (Weakness: Noise Crush)

Mega Man 8: Edit

Clown Man - Thunder Claw (Weakness: Tornado Hold)

Grenade Man - Flash Bomb (Weakness: Thunder Claw)

Frost Man - Ice Wave (Weakness: Flash Bomb)

Tengu Man - Tornado Hold (Weakness: Ice Wave)

Astro Man - Astro Crush (Weakness: Homing Sniper)

Aqua Man - Water Balloon (Weakness: Astro Crush)

Sword Man - Flame Sword (Weakness: Water Balloon)

Search Man - Homing Sniper (Weakness: Flame Sword)

Mega Man 9: Edit

Splash Woman - Laser Trident (Weakness: Hornet Chaser)

Concrete Man - Concrete Shot (Weakness: Laser Trident)

Galaxy Man - Black Hole Bomb (Weakness: Concrete Shot)

Jewel Man - Jewel Satellite (Weakness: Black Hole Bomb)

Plug Man - Plug Ball (Weakness: Jewel Satellite)

Tornado Man - Tornado Blow (Weakness: Plug Ball)

Magma Man - Magma Bazooka (Weakness: Tornado Blow)

Hornet Man - Hornet Chaser (Weakness: Magma Bazooka)

Mega Man 10: Edit

Sheep Man - Thunder Wool (Weakness: Rebound Striker)

Pump Man - Water Shield (Weakness: Thunder Wool)

Solar Man - Solar Blaze (Weakness: Water Shield)

Chill Man - Chill Spike (Weakness: Solar Blaze)

Nitro Man - Wheel Cutter (Weakness: Chill Spike)

Commando Man - Commando Bomb (Weakness: Wheel Cutter)

Blade Man - Triple Blade (Weakness: Commando Bomb)

Strike Man - Rebound Striker (Weakness: Triple Blade)

Mega Man Killers: Edit

Enker - Mirror Buster (Weakness: Ballade Cracker)

Punk - Screw Crusher (Weakness: Mirror Buster)

Ballade - Ballade Cracker (Weakness: Screw Crusher)

Screw Mega Man & Bass Edit