Fangame by me. Uses Gameboy graphics.

Story: Edit

A deadly hurricane that has the power to destroy the world is hitting countries all over. Mega Man realizes this isn't normal and goes to investigate. He then finds out that the hurricane has several weapons in it from 8 robot masters. Mega Man goes out to defeat them.

After defeating 4, Mega Man can't find the others. Then some storm chasers reveal they found a secret base on the atlantic ocean. Sure enough. that base has the teleport rooms to the other robot masters. Mega Man goes and defeats them.

After he defeated the last robot master, the floor of the base opens up, and Mega Man falls into a room with no way out. The only other thing in there besides him is MKN-004, Counter, whose Power Counter can deflect attacks, then punch them to counterattack. Mega Man almost defeats him. Counter is out of energy, and Mega Man demands the way out or he'll finish him off. He tells him Dr. Wily reprogrammed the 8 robot masters to create what is now known as "Hurricane Wily" and created him to destroy Mega Man. Counter then punches the wall, which reveals the entrance to Wily's underground base. Before going to defeat Dr. Wily, Counter tells him that his new machine, the Wily Power Machine, can only be damaged by Counter's weapon, the Power Counter. Mega Man takes it from him and sets off.

Mega Man succesfully defeats Dr. Wily. Right when Hurricane Wily is about to hit America, it dissapears (because the 8 robot masters are normal again) Mega Man wants to kill Dr. Wily, but that would break the 1st law of robotics. So instead, he ties him up and throws him into the ocean, where the ocean will kill him instead.

No way Dr. Wily can survive drowning, RIGHT???????????????????

Bosses: Edit

First Four: Edit

Wave Man - Water Wave (Weakness: Gyro Attack)

Gravity Man - Gravity Hold (Weakness: Napalm Bomb)

Gyro Man - Gyro Attack (Weakness: Gravity Hold)

Napalm Man - Napalm Bomb (Weakness: Water Wave)

Second Four: Edit

Wind Man - Wind Storm (Weakness: Yamato Spear)

Plant Man - Plant Barrier (Weakness: Wind Storm)

Tomahawk Man - Silver Tomahawk (Weakness: Plant Barrier)

Yamato Man - Yamato Spear (Weakness: Silver Tomahawk

Intermediate Boss: Edit

Counter - Power Counter (No weakness, only can be damaged by le Mega Buster)

Wily Base: Edit

Wiy Base 1 - Wily Capsule (Weakness: Mega Buster, can only be damaged by Mega Buster)

Wily Base 2 - Wily Power Machine (Weakness: Power Counter, is vulnerable to Mega Buster, but is impossible to hit him with it without taking damage) and Wily Power Machine 2 (Weakness: Power Counter, can only be damaged by Power Counter, after defeating thw first one, you get an energy pickup for power counter)