Gameboy Advance graphics. (Yet another fanmade game)

Story: Edit

Many assumed Dr. Wily was dead because he was kidnapped. But even though people forgot about him, 4 robots started going on a rampage. Mega Man goes out to defeat them.

After defeating them, it is revealed that the people who "kidnapped" Wily were 4 other robots. Mega Man defeats them. But Wily had made a new Mega Man Killer, Genio, and his Genio Block can protect him from just about anything. Mega Man defeats him too.

Then he defeats Dr. Wily.

Bosses: Edit

First Four: Edit

Spring Man - Wild Coil (Weakness: Slash Claw)

Slash Man - Slash Claw (Weakness: Scorch Wheel)

Shade Man - Noise Crush (Weakness: Wild Coil)

Turbo Man - Scorch Wheel (Weakness: Noise Crush)

Second Four: Edit

Clown Man - Thunder Claw (Weakness: Tornado Hold)

Grenade Man - Flash Bomb (Weakness: Thunder Claw)

Frost Man - Ice Wave (Weakness: Flash Bomb)

Tengu Man - Tornado Hold (Weakness: Ice Wave)

Intermediate Boss: Edit

Genio - Genio Block (lol, no weakness)

Wily Base: Edit

Wily Base 1 - Wily Machine VIII (lol, no weakness)

Wily Base 2 - Wily Capsule (Weak to Genio Block. 1st Form can be damaged by Mega Buster, second form cannot)